Born out of the University of Cape Town's Postgraduate Entrepreneurship course in 2012, Bamboo Revolution is a South African small business that first launched on the 8th August 2012. The business was started up from a "loan" of just R50, which was provided by the university.  From this small loan, it was the responsibility of the SA team to see how they could raise the capital needed for the start-up of the original business. 

The unique bamboo watches are a result of a 6 month long grueling process of conceptualising, developing, manufacturing and marketing a new and sustainable product in South Africa. The team of 6; who all come from various undergraduate backgrounds, have worked exceptionally hard in a short space of time to perfect the unique, raw design of the bamboo watches and ensure the sustainability quality of the product. 
The team understand the importance of a business having a Corporate Social Initiative and for this reason they have chosen to donate a portion of their proceeds to a greening initiative called Greenpop. Bamboo Revolution also aim to support local industry where possible and for this reason, the watch leather straps are hand-crafted and assembled in South Africa.

Bamboo Revolution is extremely passionate about this sustainable product and is excited to share it with you!



Bamboo Revolution is one of the first watch companies to develop a watch face made from bamboo, with a leather strap. The unique bamboo watch face is on-trend, as well as sustainable; changing the way traditional fashion is viewed. BR focus on creating simplistic designs, constantly inspired by the concept of 'form follows function'. 

Bamboo Revolution is committed to designing watches that suit your unique style. For this reason we have offer various colour leather straps, which come in two different strap variations, allowing you to express your personality and style. 


Join the green revolution. Sustainability is of increasing importance in light of the depletion of our natural resources. This is why Bamboo Revolution decided to design a watch that is not only on-trend but also sustainable. Bamboo is a grass which grows naturally and rapidly in the wild. Through its growth it maintains carbon dioxide absorbent properties. 

In keeping with our goal of being as sustainable as possible, our packaging is completely recyclable and thus environmentally friendly. 


At Bamboo Revolution, we are proud supporters of South African enterprise. Our genuine leather straps; which are available in a variety of colours, are hand-crafted and assembled at a local factory. 

Adding to our support of proudly South African enterprises, we pledge our support to Greenpop.  Each month, a percentage of our proceeds is used to donate trees to this inspiring initiative. We strongly believe in creating a greener, more conscious and sustainable environment.